An Exceptional Debt Collection Lawyer In Toronto

An Intelligent Alternative To Collection Agencies

Businesses usually have no choice but to write off stale unpaid accounts. Collection agencies typically do not have the ability to bring
real consequences to delinquent payors, as they tend to use inexperienced call-centre employees who do little more than harass. These practices are not only ineffective, collecting merely "cents on the dollar," but they also often tarnish the professional image of the company that has hired them.

However, hiring a debt collection lawyer to simply send a Demand Letter is ineffective – Demand Letters typically end up in the garbage – but using a lawyer to Commence a Claim on an outstanding account is usually far too expensive and unjustifiable given the amounts at issue and the hourly rates charged.

To secure results, you need a debt collection lawyer who brings creative, intelligent and cost-effective strategies to alter the dynamic of debt collection.

Elliot is a website dedicated to introducing the unique services of Elliot S. Birnboim, an experienced commercial litigator in downtown Toronto who offers creative and strategic debt collection solutions that truly improve business performance by materially altering bad debt-recovery results.

We deliver particular value to clients who are faced with year-end write-offs of groups of receivables – even where the individual accounts may be as little as $1,500. This unique service results in "found money" for business clients reviewing their outstanding accounts.

Reputation-Enhancing Collection Strategies

Elliot finds creative solutions to motivate delinquent payors. For most businesses, reputation and integrity are fundamental in any debt collection effort. Elliot’s solutions effectively
enhance the client’s reputation by utilizing the utmost professionalism and drawing upon the 20+ years of experience of a skilled commercial litigation lawyer. These solutions are particularly important in the recovery of business-to-business receivables and professional accounts where reputation is critical. Simply the presence of an experienced commercial litigator from a downtown law firm is part of the solution to letting your delinquent accounts know that you mean business.

Success-Based Recovery

As an experienced downtown commercial lawyer, Elliot has provided business clients with creative solutions in complex, multimillion-dollar litigation for over 20 years. Using his creativity and an understanding of what motivates debtors to pay, Elliot is able to find cost-effective solutions that are highly effective in resolving overdue accounts.

Key to this success is a model where services are provided on a "fee-for-success" basis. Clients have the confidence that they are not simply throwing "good money after bad" in pursuing their receivables – we share the risk and have confidence in our rates of recovery. This service includes free consultation (by telephone or in person) to assess the available options and a concluding collection summary to ensure that trends and analysis can help improve your future collections.

Free Consultation

To learn more about your debt-recovery options, contact Elliot for a free consultation. Elliot’s direct line is 416-644-9970 or you can
contact the firm online from throughout Ontario.

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