Fees and Services

To truly deliver exceptional collection results, you require a strategy.

Elliot S. Birnboim has been finding creative solutions for business disputes for over 20 years. While Elliot’s practice primarily involves handling complex cases with significant dollar amounts at issue, Elliot is committed to adding value to his business clients by providing extraordinary solutions to the more routine problem of improving client receivable recovery.

There is no charge to consult with Elliot about what strategies and efforts are most likely to yield cost-effective collection of accounts receivable for your business. We will assess the issues and, if there is a cost-effective solution, we will find it.

Virtually all of our collection is done on a percentage of recovery – we are paid only if we are successful. Although our rates are slightly higher than those of collection agencies, they are easily justified by our enhanced results – typically far superior to the experience of our clients who have previously used collection agents.

From time to time, more complex business disputes and collections arise. These require the careful consideration and perspective of an experienced commercial litigation lawyer. Elliot does not charge for an initial consultation to help gain perspective and explore options for these more significant disputes – but those cases typically require paying a retainer. Elliot does not compete on price, he gets results for his clients when results matter most.

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