Recovering Accounts Receivable For Advertising And Web-Based Accounts

Elliot S. Birnboim is an experienced business litigator in Toronto who has developed creative, effective debt collection strategies for his commercial clients. With a history of representing businesses in high-stakes, complex litigation, Elliot has the experience and knowledge to devise unique methods for solving the common problem of debt recovery.

For advertisers, web-based businesses and other companies dependant on brand trust, Elliot has the ability to protect that brand reputation but find what motivates debtors to pay. Unlike a collection agency, Elliot can bring swift and enforceable consequences unique to his creative approach to proving services as a collection lawyer.

Collection Strategies That Increase Your Bottom Line

As with clients in all industries, Elliot finds the unique pressure points that make debtors want to pay, and backs up his strategies with legal enforcement.

Elliot understands web-based and media industries – and the importance of reputation to those industries. Elliot has extensive experience advising and collecting for:

  • Web-based advertisers
  • Print and broadcast advertisers
  • Online directory providers
  • Subscriber-based websites
  • Sponsored event organizers

Free Consultation

To learn more about how a unique approach from a debt collection lawyer in Toronto can help you to enforce payment of your outstanding debt, call for a free consultation. The number is 416-644-9970 or you can
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