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“Elliot radically altered the collection of our trade receivables, cleaning up our old difficult accounts as well as setting the tone among our current customers that we are serious about collecting our accounts.” Ken T

“We have used Mr. Birnboim in several litigation matters and each time we consistently appreciate how his creative solutions have helped us get to a cost-effective result.” Stephen G

“Best lawyer ever , this gentleman cares and will go to the end of the earth for you. ” K.T.

Intelligent Alternative to Collection Agencies

Businesses usually have no choice but to write off stale unpaid accounts. Collection agencies typically do not have the ability to bring real consequences to delinquent payors, as they tend to use inexperienced call-centre employees who do little more than harass. These practices are not only ineffective, collecting merely “cents on the dollar,” but they also often tarnish the professional image of the company that has hired them.

However, hiring a debt collection lawyer to simply send a Demand Letter is ineffective – Demand Letters typically end up in the garbage – but using a lawyer to Commence a Claim on an outstanding account is usually far too expensive and unjustifiable given the amounts at issue and the hourly rates charged.

To secure results, you need a debt collection lawyer who brings creative, intelligent and cost-effective strategies to alter the dynamic of debt collection.

Recover What You Are Owed! Call 416.644.9970