Ontario Debt Collection: Finding the Right Lawyer

Effective debt collection is an art form.

If you have used collection agencies in the past, you know full well that their tactics amount to little more than harassment and result in insignificant monetary recovery and long delays.

Toronto lawyer Elliot S. Birnboim has been finding creative solutions for business disputes for over 20 years. While Elliot’s practice primarily involves handling complex cases with significant dollar amounts at issue, Elliot is committed to adding value to his business clients by providing extraordinary solutions to the more routine problem of improving client receivable recovery. Beyond simple debt collection in Ontario, Elliot offers:

  • Accounts receivable recovery: Enforcement of books of receivables (smaller individual accounts), spanning up to a two-year period.
  • Individual accounts (large accounts collection): Enforcement of a single large account, using careful cost-benefit analysis and expanded enforcement techniques.
  • Invoicing strategies: After identifying trends in clients’ accounts-receivable histories, Elliot works with their accounting people to implement improved invoicing, "standard terms" and credit strategies. This reduces overdue accounts and the need for future debt collection services.

Elliot’s experience has generated particularly effective enforcement in the following industries:

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