Debt Collection For Professional And Service Industry Businesses

Lawyer Elliot S. Birnboim is a senior litigation partner with a Bay Street law firm, Chitiz Pathak LLP, where he assists clients with complex commercial litigation in Canada and internationally. While these types of issues may only arise occasionally for a business, bad debt is a fact of life for most professionals and service businesses, year in and year out.

In an attempt to find real value for his clients, Elliot has devised specific collection strategies with the unique needs of professional and business clients in mind.

These strategies are risk-free. Fees are based on success, paid only from amounts recovered. There is no need for businesses to simply "write off" bad debt without first exposing their overdue accounts to a serious and effective receivable collection strategy.

Experience Finding Unique Debt-Recovery Solutions

Elliot has specific experience in finding creative solutions for professionals and in-service industries such as:

  • Legal services
  • Accounting services
  • Engineering services
  • Architectural services
  • Design and creative services
  • Technical services
  • Hardware and software supply services
  • Construction liens and mechanic’s liens

Trust is important currency for professionals. The choice of a collection law firm must consider this fact. Choosing a premier boutique Toronto "Bay Street" firm with a proven track record, such as that of Elliot S. Birnboim and Chitiz Pathak LLP, not only assists in achieving effective collection results but can actually enhance your own firm’s reputation for professionalism, excellence and results.

Collection agencies typically recover mere cents on the dollar, but, even worse, risk damage to your firm’s reputation as a result of their harassing tactics.

+120days no longer means "write-off" – it means trying a new approach to collections.

Creative Debt Management Solutions

As part of the firm’s value-added services, Elliot can also recommend collection, credit and invoicing strategies that will greatly reduce future overdue accounts. Please contact the firm to learn more.

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