Consumer And Financial Service Debt Collection

The odds are stacked against enforcement efforts for consumer and financial services debt. Consumer protection and financial services legislation make sure of this. Given the consequences provided for in such legislation, a collection agency may be simply exposing your business to much risk. As a result, this debt is too often written off.

Elliot S. Birnboim is a respected commercial litigator. For more than 20 years, as a senior litigation partner at the Bay Street firm of Chitiz Pathak LLP, Elliot has been regularly involved in complex, multimillion-dollar litigation. As a service-oriented business lawyer in Toronto, debt collection is a service he provides to his own clients who face the routine issue of overdue accounts.

Elliot has executed the creative account recovery strategies that collection agencies simply may not have the skill or authority to execute. Additionally, Elliot provides the value-added service of invoicing strategies to prevent accounts from becoming overdue to begin with.

Creative Accounts Receivable Recovery Strategies

Elliot has an in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of any collection effort, in addition to knowledge of his clients’ overall business strategy. To employ creative and effective debt-recovery strategies, Elliot makes sure he understands your business and your customers so that he understands what makes debtors pay – and fast.

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